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Welcome To The Andover Journal

This is the Andover Journal Website. This is a journal of information and pictures about Andover and my life here in Maine.
I originally started this website so that my kids could learn more about their roots and where I was born and raised. It has slowly evolved into more than that as it also serves as somewhat of a scrapbook, picture album, and source of historical information about Andover. This is really not intended to be a social media website. For more current events and local information you may want to sign up on Facebook for "Fans of Andover". Here you can communicate back and firth with people who are or were from Andover.
There are some links on this website to other resources of the Town of Andover as well, but it's not really a Town of Andover Website.
There has been talk about the Town of Andover starting it's own website which is probably a good idea, however I'm not sure if and when that may happen. I hope you enjoy our website. I would also like to encourage you to share any old photos you might have of people or places from Andover as people seem to really enjoy old photos the most.

Fall has arrived in Andover. The leaves have changed color and the mountains and trees are beautiful.

Above are a few pictures from this years Olde Home Days Parade.