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This is the Andover Journal Website. This is a journal of information and pictures about Andover and my life here in Maine.
I originally started this website so that my kids could learn more about their roots and where I was born and raised. It has slowly evolved into more than that as it also serves as somewhat of a scrapbook, picture album, and source of historical information about Andover. This is really not intended to be a social media website. For more current events and local information you may want to sign up on Facebook for "Fans of Andover". Here you can communicate back and firth with people who are or were from Andover.
There are some links on this website to other resources of the Town of Andover as well, but it's not really a Town of Andover Website.
There has been talk about the Town of Andover starting it's own website which is probably a good idea, however I'm not sure if and when that may happen. I hope you enjoy our website. I would also like to encourage you to share any old photos you might have of people or places from Andover as people seem to really enjoy old photos the most.

Sunday April 23rd 2017 Spring Has Come!


 Actually it has been here for a week or two. Most of the snow is gone and the warmer weather has started to show up. Hard to believe as you look at the pictures below that we still had quite a bit of snow just a few days ago..

More Spring Snow April 5th 2017

You can see from the picture that we still have a couple of feet of snow on the ground. It probably will go fast as we are expecting an inch or two of rain tomorrow and warm weather into the 60s next week.

April 1st 2017

No this is no April fools joke. Winter is still here in Andover. We gat 6 to 8 inches of snow as seen in the pictures below. It has been a snowy winter with record amounts of snow in some areas including ours.



Feb 15th 2017 "Old Fashioned Winter"

    Well we're having an old fashioned winter here in Andover in 2017. We have received around 6 feet of snow in the past 2 weeks and we're running out of room to put it.

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Just a reminder for people who live in Andover, snowshoes are available at Mills Market that you can sign out for the day at no charge, There are adults and kids snowshoes. You must sign a release of liability form as the town provides these snowshoes but will not be liable if you injure yourself while snowshoeing just like you would at a ski resort.

Olde Home Days Parade 2016

Above are a few pictures from this years Olde Home Days Parade.